NETSCOUT Broadens nGenius Data Sources to Monitor Voice, Video and Web-Based Traffic

26 Feb 2001

Deployment of VoIP, VoFR, VPN Environments

WESTFORD, Mass., Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- NetScout Systems (Nasdaq: NTCT) today announced the availability of NSP version 5.1 firmware, which includes support for Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Voice-over-Frame-Relay (VoFR) and Virtual Private Networking (VPN). With this release, support for IPSec, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard that defines IP-centric tunneling and encryption, and Generic Routing Protocol (GRE) for VPN tunneling are also being introduced. These enhancements are being delivered in anticipation of the increased reliance that companies will place on integrating voice, video and data communications in order to reduce costs and improve chances for success in the new Internet economy.

"Real-time, continuous monitoring helps to raise the potential and extend the life of deployed networks. Once armed with the broad, in-depth performance information gathered by NetScout probes, network managers and architects are better able to cope with the impact of changes such as converged voice and data traffic," explained Michael Szabados, senior vice president of product operations, NetScout Systems. "Many of our customers have indicated they look forward to help in deploying and managing VoIP. It is through enhancements such as these that we ensure growth in the demand for our products, as well as continued, increased value in the investments customers have already made in them."

In addition to adding voice and video monitoring, NSP v5.1 contains expanded offerings for URL traffic monitoring, WAN and ATM environments. The enhancements broaden the availability of functions for select probes and increase scalability.

"The expanded support for fully-meshed ATM services allows us to extend robust monitoring capabilities over the WAN," said Johnny Busby, Senior Network Engineer, Getronics. "It also enables us - in the face of increasingly higher capacity infrastructures - to scale those services dynamically to meet end-user demand."

NSP v5.1 firmware includes the following major enhancements:

Voice-over-Internet Protocol

NSP v5.1 adds support for monitoring RTP/RTCP (Real-Time Transport Protocol/RTP Control Protocol) VoIP traffic based on H.323 signaling (H.245, H.225, Q931, etc.). It allows for analysis of the signaling and tracking of the protocols to appropriately monitor each H.323 session. NSP v5.1 also distinguishes between audio and video streams.

Voice-over-Frame Relay

NSP v5.1 enables optimization of voice traffic over a frame relay network via monitoring of throughput and determination of the hosts that are transmitting voice.

Virtual Private Network

NSP v5.1 introduces support for companies maximizing their infrastructure investment through VPN. With this release, support for IPSec, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard that defines IP-centric tunneling and encryption, and Generic Routing Protocol (GRE) for VPN tunneling are also being introduced.

HTTP Content Response Time MIB

NSP v5.1 extends NetScout's new HTTP Content-Response Time (CRT) MIB to additional probes. CRT MIB allows network managers to monitor the performance of mission-critical Web applications and proactively correct Web site and network conditions that could impede or interrupt service at the URL level. Upgrades for content response time monitoring is extended to all ATM and nGenius Probes(TM) in addition to series 74xx, 82xx, 84xx, 87xx, 88xx and 89xx high-end probes.

WAN Enhancements

NSP v5.1 increases the number of Data Link Connection Identifiers (DLCIs) from 256 to 440, nearly doubling the number of logical connections supported in a frame relay network.

ATM Enhancements

NSP v5.1 increases the number of Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs) from 20 to 150, giving customers the ability to define more channels for alerting and analysis by their nGenius(TM) software.

Support and Availability

The new firmware is available March 2, 2001. Customers with MasterCare Services will automatically receive upgrades to NSP v.5.1, in accordance with their service agreements. Customers without a MasterCare support contract may order upgrades (one upgrade must be ordered per probe) through their sales representative.

About NetScout Systems

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