NETSCOUT Announces New Offering to Protect Enterprise Investments in Intrusion Detection Systems

28 Oct 2002

-- nGenius Network Security Adaptor Improves the Dependability of Network- Based Intrusion Detection Systems by Reducing False Positives and False Negatives --

WESTFORD, Mass., Oct. 28 -- NetScout Systems (Nasdaq: NTCT), a leading provider of network performance management solutions today announced a new offering that allows enterprises to improve returns on their investments in network-based intrusion detection systems (NIDS). The new, patent-pending nGenius(TM) Network Security Adaptor will apply NetScout's proven traffic performance management technology to improve the dependability of NIDS results by providing flexibility, focus and forensics. The nGenius Network Security Adaptor is the latest example of offerings being introduced under NetScout's Common Data Model (CDM) initiative for reducing the complexities and total cost of ownership associated with deploying multiple network management tools in a shared environment.

The nGenius Network Security Adaptor works by allowing any NIDS to tap network data streams via NetScout Probes. This simple, yet effective option gives network security managers the flexibility to strategically locate their NIDS sensors at the edge of the network, tapping into WAN link technologies such as Frame Relay and gaining visibility into all incoming network traffic. The nGenius Network Security Adaptor also allows network security managers to utilize nGenius features to focus the attention of the NIDS on the most relevant data streams, thereby helping reduce the false positives and false negatives that come with processing high volumes of complex traffic. For example, bandwidth-hogging traffic such as streaming audio and streaming video, proprietary applications, Voice-Over-IP and Voice-Over Frame Relay can all be optionally omitted. In addition, the solution includes audit trail support via the packet capture/analysis and baseline/trend reporting capabilities of the nGenius System, providing forensic backup for analyzing and corroborating NIDS alarms.

"Intrusion detection is the next explosive growth area of the enterprise network security market; our research shows that growth in IDS purchases will outpace growth in firewall purchases over the next year," says Jeff Wilson, executive director for Infonetics Research. "NetScout's nGenius Network Security Adaptor is delivering strong, complementary value where enterprises and IDS vendors need it. By enhancing the ability of existing IDSs to perform optimally in high traffic environments and reducing their probability of generating false results, both enterprises and their IDS vendors will benefit."

"NetScout is filling a clear void in what is offered from today's NIDS. Corporate America and Governmental branches will need to aggressively assess their current IT security measures, leveraging their current security investments as they scramble to 'harden' their perimeters. NetScout's filtering approach is right in line with the market demand and direction," said Mike Schultz, executive vice president for Innerwall, an IT security consultancy and developer of next generation security products. "The nGenius Network Security Adaptor, particularly on T3/E3 WAN probes, pushes security visibility out to the edge of the network where attacks typically emanate. By focusing analysis at this point of the network, security professionals can better understand the profile and nature of attacks they are experiencing while optimizing the results of the firewall and the NIDS."

"The nGenius Network Security Adaptor is yet another innovative application of the principle behind our CDM initiative to reduce management clutter," said Michael Szabados, senior vice president of Product Operations, NetScout Systems. "Customers can take advantage of the nGenius Probe to not only collect information for troubleshooting and capacity planning, but also to use the same data stream as an audit trail for security forensics. This produces a very compelling investment strategy for enterprises that are trying to achieve the best possible results for their network and security technology investments."

Pricing and Availability

The nGenius Network Security Adaptor starts at $2,000 as a value added option with the purchase of NetScout Probes. The option is available immediately for the nGenius T3/E3 WAN probe with the HSSI interface, and will be made available throughout NetScout's family of probe products in the future. For additional product or ordering information about nGenius solutions, call NetScout Systems at 1-800-657-7666 or visit their website

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NetScout Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTCT) is a market leader and pioneer of integrated network performance management solutions for leading companies and service providers worldwide. NetScout's offerings are based upon its nGenius(TM) Performance Management System, an integrated solution of advanced monitoring and reporting applications that draw on the rich performance data generated by NetScout's real-time, application-aware probes, advanced intelligent software agents and other network devices. The nGenius System helps organizations increase their return on infrastructure investments by optimizing the performance of their network and applications. NetScout is headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts and has offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Further information on the company is available on the World Wide Web at

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