Oregon's TriMet Uses NETSCOUT to Monitor Networked Transit Security and GPS Tracking Systems

31 Mar 2003

Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation Agency Uses nGenius to Assure Tracking Data and Streaming Video from New Security and GPS Technologies

WESTFORD, Mass., March 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NetScout Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTCT), a leading provider of network performance management solutions, today announced that Tri-County Metropolitan Transit Agency (TriMet), a nationally recognized provider of public transportation in the Portland, Oregon area, is using NetScout's nGenius(R) Performance Management System. Through the nGenius solution, TriMet is managing the performance of its mission-critical network and the advanced applications that track and ensure the operation and safety of transit services for more than 300,000 passengers a day, across 600 square miles of urban territory.

TriMet operates a fleet of more than 700 trains and buses across the three counties it serves. By continually turning to new technologies and applications, the agency stays ahead of its goals and responds quickly to any problem. TriMet's network supports data, voice and video traffic from a sophisticated array of real-time systems that monitor the health of its rail systems, the geographical locations of trains and buses en-route to passengers, as well as the physical security of its trains and boarding stations. The network transmits all of this real time data to multiple access points used by TriMet operations, government agencies, law enforcement and the public. In addition, the network supports a regular stream of new Web- and phone-based services that improve conveniences for traveling citizens.

Among the new technologies TriMet has deployed is a Global Positioning System (GPS) that tracks bus route movement. The information is integrated with other tracking data for TriMet's Transit Tracker, a real-time arrival notification system, which displays the arrival time of the next bus or train for customers. The agency is also expanding its Networked Video Surveillance system and has plans to pass that traffic throughout its networks.

"As we add new technologies, such as those increasing security under the Homeland Security Act, our overall management challenge increases. We need to make sure that all of our new technologies perform well, without impacting other systems," says Rick Jacobi, network engineer for TriMet. "To stabilize and ensure the success of each initiative, we keep tight control over network and applications performance."

"The nGenius solution provides us the control we need, with specific attention to any or all of the networked initiatives that we see as important," says Ron White, TriMet's network communications manager. "The nGenius Probes work like a pair of 'eyes' on our network, constantly monitoring everything that happens and exposing performance problems before they magnify. The solution helps us tackle our performance management challenges head on, with insight and ease."

Networked Surveillance Systems Watch Railway Performance and Passenger Safety

To enable faster resolution of technical faults in the rail system and to respond to increased mandates for physical security under the Homeland Security Act, TriMet is installing 24x7 CTTV cameras at geographic points along its rail system. TriMet currently has stand-alone surveillance cameras, but has plans to implement networked digital surveillance cameras in railway passenger cars, buses and boarding stations. The cameras will stream the live video onto TriMet's wide-area-network, where both agency and local law enforcement personnel can see and react quickly to threats or emergencies. The availability and performance of the streaming video will be monitored and protected by the nGenius solution, to provide early warning of any performance issues occurring on the network.

GPS Technology Keeps Passengers Informed and Transit Systems Running Smoothly

TriMet's state-of-the-art Transit Tracker system gives customers up-to- the-minute information on the departures and arrivals of trains and buses, using data generated by TriMet's new satellite-based GPS for buses and from data generated by ground sensors located along the train rails for trains. The system collects signals emitted from beacons aboard every train and bus, which are then sent via the network to TriMet's boarding platforms, phone- and web-based information systems. NetScout's nGenius solution monitors this time-sensitive information so it can be efficiently and successfully routed throughout the network to TriMet's real-time information systems.

nGenius Assures Smooth Deployment via Performance Feedback

Behind the successful deployment of new technologies is a thorough understanding of network resources and activity. TriMet uses the in-depth data generated by the nGenius solution to better plan for and justify new IT investments. Once a new technology has been purchased, TriMet uses the nGenius solution to monitor its impact on the network and other applications. TriMet is currently developing a custom on-line mapping application so customers can locate and view their rail and bus locations in actual pictorial topological views. NetScout is monitoring the performance of this application as it is being prepared for full deployment.

"Like many of today's most progressive organizations, TriMet is actively putting its network to work behind critical initiatives. It's imperative to stay in front of managing new technologies to ensure that services run efficiently and securely," said Jim Frey, vice president of marketing for NetScout. "We are pleased that our nGenius solution helps TriMet better understand and control its IT resources and most importantly, ensure that its passengers are safe and on time."

About TriMet

TriMet is a municipal corporation that provides public transportation for much of the three counties in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. TriMet operates a 38-mile MZS light rail line, 100 bus routes, service for seniors and people with disabilities, and has developed partnerships to provide innovative service.

About NetScout Systems, Inc.

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