NETSCOUT Doubles Packet Recording and Trace Analysis Product Offerings

12 Sep 2005

New Line-up of nGenius Flow Recorders Provides Expanded Expert Features and Flexible Deployment Options at Lower Cost

WESTFORD, Mass., Sept. 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NetScout Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTCT), a leading provider of network and application performance management solutions, today expanded its line of nGenius Flow Recorder products with new Workgroup and Enterprise models. The new configurations deliver the latest set of powerful performance troubleshooting features, including improved expert analysis and ease-of-use functionality, at a lower cost, to drive broader enterprise adoption of advanced trace analysis capabilities. The new, broader nGenius Flow Recorder line reinforces NetScout's commitment to providing the most comprehensive solution for accelerated troubleshooting of mission-critical application performance issues.

Extended packet trace recording has become a well-established method for network specialists to perform deep, forensic troubleshooting and analysis of subtle or intermittent problems, such as off-hours application slowdowns affecting international operations or traffic spikes from unrecognized rogue applications. Until now, troubleshooters either had to use traditional, portable packet analyzers and hope that they could catch the problem in action, or they had to resort to expensive packet recording devices.

With the addition of the new configurations and price points, the nGenius Flow Recorder family addresses these challenges by delivering the benefits of advanced packet trace recording and post-event analysis to a broader network operations audience through a flexible, easy-to-use, and cost-effective range of solutions. Starting at less than $5000/port, the Workgroup nGenius Flow Recorders rival price points of traditional packet analyzers that lack extended recording capabilities.

"Packet trace recording and forensic analysis are important aspects of an enterprise's cohesive strategy to address network and application performance issues," said Jeffrey Nudler, senior analyst at industry research firm Enterprise Management Associates. "NetScout's sustained effort to make advanced flow analysis and recording more cost-effective as well as easier to use serves troubleshooting across the IT infrastructure well both financially and operationally. With such extended trace recording and analysis at their fingertips, technical personnel now have an alternative to traditional short- term packet analyzers."

The nGenius Flow Recorders' proven scalability and rich feature set have been validated by the dozens of customers that have deployed the products since their introduction in late 2004. Building on the intuitive, graphical analysis interface, voice and data application reconstruction and playback, and forensic analysis capabilities of the initial releases, NetScout is expanding the nGenius Flow Recorder family's features with a new set of expert views and functionality, including:


  • Expert Zoom to provide immediate access to the most relevant data for a specified time period;
  • Expert Data Mining to more quickly and expertly search for network or application patterns and events during a selected time period;
  • Open Data Export to provide network troubleshooting specialists with the flexibility to tackle their most troublesome application performance issues in their preferred manner -- even with 3rd-party analysis tools; and
  • More Advanced Packet Decodes, now including HTTPS.


For deployment flexibility, nGenius Flow Recorders are available in 4- and 8-port configurations and can be used in a variety of LAN and WAN network topologies, either via direct attachment or via nGenius Probes. nGenius Flow Recorders are based on a multi-CPU, security-hardened Linux appliance that ensures high performance for both capture rate and simultaneous on-board analysis and Web-enabled presentation.

"With the newly broadened expert features, improved usability and cost- effective deployment options, NetScout is leading the charge to bring the benefits of extended trace recording and analysis to more network operations groups," said Michael Szabados, senior vice president of product operations for NetScout Systems. "As part of our High Definition Performance Management strategy, the nGenius Flow Recorder represents a key element in our comprehensive solution for rapidly resolving network and application performance problems."

Pricing and Availability

New Workgroup and Enterprise nGenius Flow Recorder models are currently available. Workgroup configuration list pricing is $34,995 for the eight-port model and $29,995 for the four-port model. Enterprise nGenius Flow Recorder models start at $59,995. For more information, please visit

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