NETSCOUT Delivers on Promise of Integrating Sniffer and nGenius Portfolio

02 Oct 2008

Upgraded release unifies the functionality of the industry's two leading platforms while increasing functionality and scaling capacity -- raising the bar in Service Assurance and Application Performance Management

WESTFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- October 2, 2008 -- NetScout Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTCT), today announced the release of nGenius(R) Performance Manager and nGenius InfiniStream version 4.5 software, and the evolution of its nGenius InfiniStream continuous capture Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) devices, the company's next step in executing on the integration of its acquisition of Network General. The result is a powerful, unified solution that raises the bar in service assurance and performance management by combining extensive early-warning capabilities, real-time and historical application flow analysis, and deep-packet forensics. The result of this evolution will have a profound impact on IT operations by enabling network, datacenter and application managers to dramatically improve productivity through more effective collaboration to address the operational challenges of managing the modern IP network posed by virtualization, convergence, SOA and highly distributed network-centric operations.

The evolution of the nGenius Performance Management solution integrates the functionality of NetScout's real-time monitoring and rapid top-down troubleshooting and analysis with the former Network General's expert packet analysis and data-mining capabilities. As part of the product unification, elements from both product lines have come together under the nGenius Performance Management umbrella, with application intelligence and data mining capabilities retaining the well-established Sniffer(R) branding. NetScout has also unified its family of continuous capture DPI devices, formerly known as nGenius AFMon and Sniffer InfiniStream, as nGenius InfiniStream. The new nGenius InfiniStream DPI devices retain important elements from both product lines delivering operational consistency with a flexible range of interface options and storage capacities to meet the most demanding high-performance requirements.

NetScout's thoughtful approach to the integration of Sniffer portfolio into the nGenius portfolio enables customers to efficiently leverage their existing investments and benefit from the blended technical capabilities of two market-leading platforms. Companies that have deployed both platforms further benefit as this latest software release allows for the consolidation and unification of performance management tools with an easy-to-deploy migration path that delivers a best of both worlds approach.

"There are two keys to a successful acquisition. One is the blending of the product portfolios that builds on the best that both have to offer. Second is the smooth transition for both sets of customers from the old to the new," said Tracy Corbo, senior analyst at IDC. "This announcement marks the transition point from which NetScout will move forward with its next-generation solution to manage today's complex IP networks that benefits both Network General and NetScout customers as well as appealing to the needs of new customers who need greater visibility into what is happening in and on their IP networks and why."

Benefits for Former Network General Customers

This new release represents an upgrade opportunity that brings substantial incremental capabilities, services and scale to the majority of the installed base of Sniffer InfiniStream devices. In most cases, upgrading to version 4.5 software can be performed in-place, with minimal disruption while bringing immediate benefit. Upgraded Sniffer InfiniStream devices can now benefit from the nGenius Performance Manager console to deliver enhanced visibility with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with simple point-and-click navigation and single-click drill-down capabilities. Consequently, users now have a broader range of information about the network and applications, including comprehensive real-time views and historical reports on both packet and flow-based information, while leveraging their existing investments in Sniffer InfiniStream technology.

As part of the distributed nGenius solution, InfiniStream devices become part of a network-wide instrumentation architecture used and managed from central locations, providing added leverage and productivity for users in large and complex network installations.

In addition, users can now leverage the powerful service management capabilities of NetScout's nGenius K2. As an add-on package, nGenius K2 brings innovative service views with early-warning capabilities not previously available in the Sniffer product portfolio. nGenius K2 is seamlessly integrated with nGenius Performance Manager to enable rapid drill-down to view details about users, applications, the network and packet data. These service views provide rich, at-a-glance visualization and correlation of network health and users' experiences -- empowering network, datacenter and application managers to monitor network and application traffic from a fully unified vantage point.

Benefits for NetScout Customers

A new Sniffer Intelligence module is now available for the nGenius Performance Management solution. Sniffer Intelligence combines advanced data-mining functionality and comprehensive packet-level analysis capabilities that are synonymous with Sniffer technology. The new Sniffer Intelligence module, available with version 4.5, integrates the well-known Sniffer Expert Mode and Sniffer decodes to deliver the most granular packet interrogation and interpretation capabilities available. Sniffer Intelligence also includes a number of optional, add-on industry-specific intelligence modules for applications such as Voice over IP, capital trading transactions and service provider-specific environments. The addition of Sniffer Intelligence for the nGenius Performance Management platform enhances diagnostics capabilities and enables a wider audience within the IT organization to leverage a common platform to quickly analyze and understand network and application relationships and impact. This enhances collaboration and reduces the time needed to resolve network issues, resulting in more efficient and scalable troubleshooting.

"This is a significant milestone -- both for NetScout and our customers," said Michael Szabados, chief operating officer, NetScout. "The integration of nGenius and Sniffer technologies into a single, unified solution brings enormous power to our expanded customer base and new customers alike. Managing the Modern IP Network requires a transformative approach to how networks are managed. This latest release of NetScout's nGenius technology addresses this need by bringing comprehensive end-to-end and top-to-bottom intelligent views that empowers IT managers to solve the hardest performance challenges while providing unmatched investment preservation and delivering greater business value to our customers."


nGenius Performance Manager 4.5 and nGenius InfiniStream 4.5 software are both available now. No-cost software upgrades are available to most NetScout and former Network General customers with an active maintenance contract. The majority of deployed nGenius AFMon and Sniffer InfiniStream devices can be supported, however users should contact NetScout or their local reseller to determine system requirements and upgrade eligibility.

NetScout will showcase this latest version of the nGenius InfiniStream solution at Engage '08, the NetScout User Forum conference, slated for October 6-8 in San Diego. All NetScout and former Network General customers are invited to attend the event. More information about Engage '08 can be found at

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