NETSCOUT Scales to New Heights in Application Performance Management with Release of nGenius K2

14 Apr 2008
nGenius K2 Delivers Unprecedented Visibility into the Health of Application Services and Enables Contextual Drill Down into Flow and Packet Information
WESTFORD, Mass., Apr 14, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- NetScout Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTCT), the industry leader in advanced network and application performance management, today announced the availability of nGenius(R) K2. While the mountain K2 provides climbers an unimpeded view of the surrounding landscape, nGenius K2 provides IT professionals a clear, high-level view of the current state or health of applications and services measured from the network perspective, where all of those services must come together to be delivered to business end users. This at-a-glance overview is backed up with contextual drill-down into flow and packet details for rapid problem diagnosis, dramatically reducing Mean Time To Repair/Restore (MTTR).

The ability to produce this view is unique to nGenius K2 since NetScout builds its network and application monitoring solutions on the foundation of packet-flow monitoring technology - the most definitive source of network, application, and service performance data. Other technologies try to assess the health of applications and services from incomplete viewpoints, such as the infrastructure elements or snapshots of end-user experience, and in so doing, they miss out on an increasingly complex and vital base of information - the dynamic interactions between elements. Without understanding these interactions, IT teams cannot get a clear idea of where problems lie, and the result is end-user suffering.

"Enterprises are embracing new technologies that virtualize not just servers but storage, applications, and desktops," said Dennis Drogseth, Enterprise Management Associates. "In this complex environment, enterprises need a way to resolve issues faster and more efficiently and get ahead of problems--depending upon secondary intelligence in the infrastructure for decision-making and problem detection will simply no longer suffice. Packet Flow technology on the other hand, gives the high-definition visibility enterprises will need to reliably assure service quality in modern IP networks."

NetScout builds powerful performance management solutions that solve hard problems fast. In organizations where the networked infrastructure is truly mission-critical, performance management is not merely a nice to have - it is a must have. nGenius K2 is the "crowning jewel" in NetScout's three-tiered vision for the future of integrated service management, based on packet-flow data. (See related strategy release issued today, "NetScout Unveils Its Vision to Address IT's Toughest Challenge: Managing the Modern IP Network".)

The three key features of nGenius K2 are:

1. Service Views. nGenius K2's innovative approach to integrated service management starts with service views which expose the current state or health of applications and services measured from the network perspective:

- Status Dashboard View of Application Health: nGenius K2 graphically depicts the current health or state of application services, while indicating the number and severity of alerts due to anomalies in application performance metrics known as KPIs (key performance indicators). This service status dashboard provides a graphical summary of the scope of problems, including potential performance problems before end users have been affected, and serves as a starting point for drilling down to application traffic flow data and alert details. Additionally, user-definable service profiles ensure various constituencies can focus on precisely the applications and services that are of interest to them.

- Virtual Service Network Map: An nGenius K2 Virtual Service Network Map shows the flow "footprint" for a particular application service by displaying the nGenius(R) System instrumentation points where that service has been detected as well as the groups of servers that are active in sessions and transactions for that particular application. It also shows which instrumentation points have recognized performance alerts for that application service for additional drill-down investigation.

- Service Summaries. nGenius K2's Service Summaries are status snapshots containing a select set of charts and tables for rapid recognition of factors contributing to current application service health status. For instance, operators can view information on Service State over Time, KPIs over Time, Application Usage over Time, Response Time Distribution over Time, Worst Performing Locations or Worst Performing Servers. Further, operators can drill down directly, with context, to nGenius Performance Manager from most of these thin-client views, for added details and troubleshooting flexibility.

2. Early Warning System. nGenius K2's early warning capabilities come from a powerful analytics engine that builds on the company's earlier successes in this area and leverages KPIs associated with all applications seen by the nGenius System. nGenius K2 eliminates the need for static threshold-based alarms, by learning normal patterns of behavior for key performance metrics and alerting operators when significant changes have occurred. nGenius K2 early-warning alerts can be sent to many traditional network management consoles including HP Network Node Manager, Operations Center and Business Availability Center, and IBM Tivoli NetView, Event Console and NetCool/OMNIbus.

3. nGenius Performance Network (nPN). The nGenius Performance Management System is a sophisticated service in its own right, and so nGenius K2 applies service views and early warning capabilities to the monitoring application itself. The nPN service views indicate the health of the nGenius System and let administrators monitor the status of all related infrastructure devices, including nGenius Performance Manager servers, nGenius Probes, and nGenius(R) InfiniStreams(TM). Operators can drill down through three levels to view details about attached clients, instrumentation devices, and processes.

"There are a lot of pretenders when it comes to deriving and delivering meaningful services intelligence from today's Modern IP Networks. But as our customers know, it is the quality --not the quantity-- of your management data that truly counts," said Michael Szabados, COO, NetScout Systems. "And the results of your choice of tools will be apparent in your ability to assure consistent end-user experience while driving down the time required to recognize and resolve the hardest problems. The nGenius K2 product delivers against two key strategic goals in this regard - service-aware views of the applications being delivered over the network coupled with advanced early-warning alarms that put the operations team in a solid, proactive stance for protecting service quality."

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