NETSCOUT Arbor Insight Leverages Patented ASI Technology to Enhance Security and Operational Awareness for Network Operators of Any Scale

09 Aug 2022

Extends all Aspects of the Arbor Sightline Solution with Unique,

Real-Time Multi-Dimensional DDoS & Traffic Analytics Capabilities

WESTFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC., (NASDAQ: NTCT), a leading provider of cybersecurity, service assurance, and business analytics solutions, today introduced Arbor® Insight, a groundbreaking technology that when combined with Arbor Sightline dramatically enhances and extends threat detection, service delivery, and network operator visibility to address the evolving threat landscape. This combination extends NETSCOUT’s DDoS leadership to unparalleled levels.

With DDoS attack traffic continuing to exceed pre-pandemic levels and ISPs presenting a broader threat surface, network operators of all scales need unconstrained, multi-dimensional visibility into the traffic running across their networks to optimize their defenses.

The new, combined solution set of Sightline with Insight leverages ASI, NETSCOUT’s unique metadata technology, to correlate multiple sources of network telemetry with global intelligence and local configuration to deliver an 80+ facet record for each monitored network communication. Arbor Insight provides security and network operations teams with the optimal dataset to perform critical tasks -- including time-series analysis of critical traffic dimensions and annotated flow data for in-depth investigations, forensics, and retrospective analysis. Additionally, by using configurable, optimized datasets, Insight delivers instant access to high-fidelity data with minimal storage and compute requirements, greatly extending the value of existing Sightline deployments.

Powerful Advanced Traffic Reports
Insight delivers flexible, multi-dimensional time-series threat and traffic analytics using new customizable Advanced Traffic Reports (ATRs). ATRs augment users’ operational workflows with immediate n-dimensional visibility into key areas of interest, facilitating speed-of-thought drill downs and sub-filtering to quickly expose network dynamics such as top attack targets and vectors, top talkers/services/protocols, historical anomalies, threat signatures, and more. In addition, ATRs automatically maintain the desired data fidelity and granularity, allowing instant response to any query, supporting long- and short-term visibility needs, and optimizing total cost-of-ownership. These capabilities help network operators tune their defenses, deliver superior design, scale their mitigation capabilities, and more quickly onboard new service customers – reducing costs and increasing revenue.

“Arbor Insight extends the value of Sightline by providing the right dataset at the speed of thought with integrated end-to-end workflows for superior visibility and performance,” stated Tom Lyons, vice president of product, NETSCOUT. “ATRs provide the ideal solution for short- and longer-term reporting, so operators can better answer network, security and business questions​ and provide reliable, relevant services to their customers.”

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